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Welcome to the Joy Spot!

We focus on coaching and training you to find the joy in your life – that spot of happiness.

Enabling you to focus on one of your most important life events – YOU!

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All programs begin with a Discovery session, so we can hone in on what you want to achieve and how we can realise those desires.




I will show you how planning your relationship can give you the desired results you are looking for.



Group coaching is conducted on online with an intimate number of attendees via Skype or another online tool. 



A dynamic and fun 3-month program, looking closely at how you love yourself and thus love in other relationships.

This facebook group has been created to encourage an open dialogue about the void that you feel after a physical or emotional loss in your life. 

This closed group enables you to share your journey in a safe space. 

I look forward to meeting you in the group. 


About Michelle


One of my most beautiful experiences was a crisis, which occurred in 2010.  I left my marriage that was no longer serving me. Hurt and confused - I knew I had to make a change. So, I took a bold move and left my home, left my job and finally the country I had spent 30 years in and decided to go back to my birthplace, London. 


Upon arriving home, I began to discover me again. I learned how to love myself and strip back to the root of my pain and to uncover my greatest characteristics; communication, security, love of self, fearlessness, wisdom, curiosity, generosity and joy. You see these had all been challenged in my previous relationships, not just the marriage but also in my job.


With the unity of friends, and moving into an uncomfortable physical and emotional space, I put myself in the position to face getting to know and love myself again, and to seek out how to become whole again. 

Michelle Lowe 

The World's only Relationship Event Planner

Coach, advising, coaching and training women and men on understanding, appreciating and navigating through the peaks and valleys of finding love - enhancing all your relationships




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