Here at the Joy Spot we are looking to help you make a transformation in your life. Although there are several coaching programs we offer, we recommend beginning with our 3 month coaching program. All programs will begin with a Discovery session, so we can hone in on what you want to achieve and how we can realise those desires.

1 : 1 Coaching 

Are you here in your life?

  • Full of self doubt

  • Low self-esteem

  • Having issues in your relationships

  • Accepting less and giving more

  • Looking for love 

  • Dating the same person with a different name over and over again

  • Trying to manage up in your workplace

  • Wanting to enhance important relationships in your life

  • Looking to make changes but unsure where to begin


Yet trying to get to here in your life?

  • Loving yourself

  • Being who you are and not who others expect you to be

  • Finding love again

  • Deciding what love means to you

  • Changing the outcome of your relationships

  • Loving a job/career that loves you back

  • Finding the Joy Spot in your life

With our 1 : 1 Coaching program, I will work with you exclusively on a weekly basis via Skype, telephone or face to face. You will also be able to contact me my by text, email or by phone in addition to your session. In addition, you will be supported on your journey with individualised tools and techniques along the way.


If you would like to learn more about my 1 : 1 coaching please contact me directly. My details are on the contact page or sign up for a Discovery session so we can get ready to find your Joy Spot!