Group Coaching 


Group coaching may be conducted on online with an intimate number of attendees via Skype or another online tool. 

This vehicle, maybe best for clients who are less comfortable with a 1 x1 dynamic or prefer to be in a group setting. 

Group coaching may also be held face to face in an environment where you are able to express yourself in a safe and confidential space. 

Group coaching is for individuals who are:


  • sharing expectations

  • bringing different perspectives 

  • bringing different experiences 

  • inclusive of different groups, genders and a variety of ages

  • identifying and exploring common themes

  • working in a group environment and its dynamics 

  • setting goals

  • working out concerns that appeal to the group majority

  • accountable yet supportive

  • open and willing to be vulnerable at times

  • communicating with each other and the facilitator

All courses will have a weekly session, which will run on average for 12 – 16 weeks depending on the program.


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