One of my most beautiful experiences was a crisis, which occurred in 2010.  I left my marriage that was no longer serving me. Hurt and confused - I knew I had to make a change. So, I took a bold move and left my home, left my job and finally the country I had spent 30 years in and decided to go back to my birthplace, London. 


Upon arriving home, I began to discover me again. I learned how to love myself and strip back to the root of my pain and to uncover my greatest characteristics; communication, security, love of self, fearlessness, wisdom, curiosity, generosity and joy. You see these had all been challenged in my previous relationships, not just the marriage but also in my job.


With the unity of friends, and moving into an uncomfortable physical and emotional space, I put myself in the position to face getting to know and love myself again, and to seek out how to become whole again. 


Slowly, I began to see my better self emerge. At first I thought it was a series of coincidences as I watched my new life unfold before me but later I came to understand that it was truly my amazing desire to manifest whatever I wanted or needed at a particular time. I have always been a “super manifest-er” but I didn’t understand how good I was at it. I began to listen intently, look lovingly and feel passionately.


My desire to create my coaching career and to include my 20 plus years as a corporate event planner both in the US and UK, was born out of these experiences. I knew I was in a unique position to be the world’s first Relationship Event Planner Coach.


I realised planning anything usually had a positive outcome, so why not plan your relationships? Thus, I designed a program to improve relationships; whether it be for a love interest, a family member, a work colleague or yourself.


I recently had to use all of my new found characteristics in creating my “new” relationship with my Mother who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Some days it’s a difficult road to travel. Everyday, I begin a new relationship with her; one that I am forging and learning, and while everyday is different, I have the great fortune to share this journey with my Mother - by choice. I am learning to fit into her world instead of her fitting into mine. I feel honoured.

I was fortunate enough to have a strong relationship with my father who taught me to believe I was beautiful, intelligent, powerful and that anything was possible if I wanted it.  So here I am sharing my talents with you. 


If you will allow me, I can assist you, along your journey of discovery and realisation of true desires. Enabling you too to find your 

JOY SPOT… I found mine!

About Michelle

Michelle Lowe 

Advising, coaching and training women and men on understanding, appreciating and navigating through the peaks and valleys of finding love - enhancing all your relationships