Online Courses


There are several online courses available. 

Improving Relationship Communication

The 5 day challenge

  • Are you passionate about the relationships you are in but want to improve the way you communicate?

  • ​Are you struggling with the thought of expecting more love on Valentine's Day or some love if you are not already in a relationship?

  • Are you having issues with loving yourself and creating boundaries?

    If the answer was yes to any of these questions then this challenge is for you. In just 5 days, you wil be stepping into a relationship with greater purpose, meaning and fulfilment.

Click to access your free 5 day relationship communication challenge 



Loving Relationships will be launching soon!


This is a dynamic and fun 3-month program, looking closely at how you love yourself and thus love in other relationships.


This online course will consist of weekly modules, discussions and interactive sessions online. You will have the ability to have interactive discussions with other students online.


You will have a set number of access points to contact me directly for clarification or for anything you may need pertaining to the course or course work. 


Upon completion of the program, you will be awarded a certificate.


To find out more - Click here to fill out the contact form 

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