The Art of Resonant Living

This book is part biographical, part inspirational. Filled with real-life stories, contributed by people who have overcome obstacles and found their one true path to a happier, more fulfilling life, this book aims to inspire and empower you. No matter your circumstances, you can live the life you’ve always dreamed of and reignite a passion you may have lost along the way. The time is now. The only thing you risk losing is more of your authentic self.

Inspirational Reading 

Here are two books to which I have contributed chapters about my experience of being isolated and unappreciated in a relationship that no longer served me.

Chocolate and Diamonds

Chocolate and Diamonds for the Woman's Soul contains over 100 short stories from extraordinary women. Our writers worked tirelessly to allow our mentoring team to uplift them emotionally and professionally. Since there were over 100 authors, please search for your favorite one in Amazon. Please enjoy our stories as you upwrap the magic.


She is a Diamond. She shines bright every day for her family. She runs her own business. She is blind. She has spina bifida. She created new ways to be healthy. She started a company to help people communicate better. She has a special needs child. She is a grandmother, mother, sister, niece, friend. She is a Diamond. 104 Diamonds Shine in this book for the ages. Over 100 stories are nestled within the pages of this book for you to enjoy. Find a little bit of yourself in each story. Unwrap the wonder and savor the stories found within. We believe all women have unborn stories.