Avoid The Dating RED Flags

Deciding to date again, after a break up or after being single after a while is an investment in time and often a big decision. You maybe more vulnerable than normal. Therefore, like anything that you are getting into for the first time, be open, but sometimes you need to do your research, be observant and listen out for anything that doesn't seem or feel right. In other words, use your intuition. It never lets you down.

Red Flag #1 If you have been on date number 6 and you don't know where he lives - there is probably more to the story.

Red Flag #2 If he only returns your calls during work hours not during the evening or late at night - guess what he probably lives with someone and you are now the plus 1.

Red Flag #3 If you are on a date and he tries to pay only with cash, there is a strong possibility that he can't have any evidence showing up on his credit card or bank account.

Red Flag #4 If you haven't met any of his friends and family after 6 months, chances are you are never going to meet them because you are his secret.

Red Flag #5 If you see him once a week or once every other week, he's probably dating more than one person at time.

Next time your date seems to have excuses, listen and decipher whether it's a reason or an excuse.

Michelle Lowe aka Divalowe is The World's only Relationship Event Planner Coach, advising and training women and men over 35 on understanding, appreciating and navigating through the peaks and valleys of finding love.