Embrace your sexiness

Love is love and love is powerful if you give and receive it in a positive way.

Although some of us celebrate Valentine’s Day and others do not, many of us, are reluctant to celebrate because we don’t have that special someone in our lives. But what if you thought about being single in a different way? What if you thought about how being single means that you can love yourself whichever way YOU choose? How about that? In this instance, you can give and receive.

What if you said; while my “knight in shining armour” is on his/her way (because he must have taken a wrong turn), while I am figuring out what it is I want, while I am deciding how I want to be loved, or however you define that state of being. What if you said instead, I shall love myself now so that when “they” arrive, or when I figure out the kind of love I deserve, or when I decide how I want to love and be loved - perhaps, just perhaps I’ll be so prepared and so ready for the love I desire, it will happen organically right under my nose.

Part of loving yourself can manifest itself in many ways but I believe it’s so powerful when you embrace your sexiness! How about that? What if you decided this Valentine’s Day, I’m going to celebrate how much I love me by embracing my sexiness! Here’s a recipe for loving yourself. At home, pick out that special underwear that you save for special occasions, or wear a pair of sexy boots you wouldn’t normally think would suit you. Doesn’t it sound and feel good already? Add a pinch of music, a sprinkling of your favourite dessert which makes you feel oh so good and maybe add a cheeky cocktail or an elegant glass of champagne and voila you’re embracing your sexiness. Think about how good this feels and let’s not forget, last but not least to add a large dollop of very sexy attitude.

The sexy attitude shows confidence about how you feel about yourself and how others’ will see you. Use it in wonderful ways to get what you want. Not just at home, or under the covers, but even in the office and among your friends. It’s all about how you use it. And like anything - use it don’t lose it by giving the power over to someone else. Own it, wear it, and love it! Be your own Valentine.

Happy Valentine’s Day from me to you!


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