I saw your partners profile online ...

So what do you do when you see your friend's partner online? Well it happened to me. 

Unfortunately in this case,  I was not the giver but the devastated recipient of the dismal news. How could this happen to me? I mean I had been the best girlfriend ever. I did everything that he had asked of me and everything that he hadn't asked for.

Let's go back to the beginning. We had met online 18 months prior. Even though we're an hour apart by plane, we embarked on a long distance relationship. Over the months I visited him in his country as he was planning to move to my city and it was a wonderful opportunity for me to become familiar with this new city, language and culture (and of course, the man I was falling in love with) throughout this fun and interesting journey.

He was smart, tactical, a little self absorbed and good fun. He was handsome with no Danish accent but his culture was apparent. We spent a lot of time just doing what couples do; dating, dinners, watching movies (together but in separate countries) going to the gym together, and lots of talking and texting when we were apart.

Things started to get serious on the job front and he began seriously looking. We talked tactics, reviewed responses and went over interview techniques as they began to roll in.

Twelve months later, he received a job offer and moved to my city. We were both elated because we would finally be together. We planned the week before his move with military precision. He would focus on closing up shop on his end and I would focus on getting his new life started.

I ran around looking at...

     multiple apartments,

          organising a phone,

               bank accounts,

                      and even reading through his resume!

The weekend he arrived we celebrated my birthday with 18 of my friends, moved him into his new place and got him all set for his first day of work on Monday. I was better than any relocation firm or wife, or at least I though so.

A month later upon returning from a business trip he cried out about how he missed me and said that he realised how important I was to him. I knew for sure we were closer than ever and that it would be only a matter of time before we would be having serious discussions about our future.

But I was so wrong.

My next serious conversation was with my friend who showed me his photo on Match. There had to be a mistake, but there wasn't and he had updated his location to my city.

In that moment, I knew I had to confront him face to face and I did. He could only apologise and said he wanted to fix it but he never did.

But thank goodness for my brave friend who cared about me enough to not leave me floundering in the dark web of lies. She saved me. My brave and loving friend.

I wonder, would you do the same for your friend?