I Should Have Put Him Out!

Just when you thought you had it all and then a brick falls in your lap from out of the clear blue sky? Is it really the clear blue sky or were there signals you ignored.

When your friends say "you need to put him out!" It's one of those things that are easy to say but harder to do.

Susie was in love and having a great relationship with Dan. He bought her designer gifts even though she never asked for them, paid more than his fair share of the bills and surprised her often with a fancy meal here and an unexpected adventure there. Memorable dinners and of course great sex.

You are just high on life. Looking forward to your time with the girls and pillow talk with your honey on a sunday morning before you get up and plan brunch.

But one day that brick lands in your lap by way of a phone call from another woman who begins to tell you how intimately she knows your man. Who the hell is she, how did she get your number and what on earth is she talking about. But as she starts revealing more and more information, you begin to realise as Sam Smith would say "you're not the only one".  The information, she is repeating sounds way to familiar, in fact, you know it's true.

After you figure it out in your head you decide to confront him. You take a time out to get your head together and then you begin the crusade of questions. He reluctantly admits that something is going on but he denies, that there has been any intensity, or any real relationship, even the other woman lets you know (in no uncertain terms) its been going on for over a year.

What would you do? Listen to your girlfriends and put him out? Question her motives? Stay with him and pretend it never happened or get into a fight with the other woman . . . I mean there are a host of options.

But what if you are just honest with yourself. You're hurt, really hurt and betrayed. Angry, disappointed and disillusioned.

Would you stay with him and make it work or would you put him out? I leave you to think about it . . .