Make Dating Fun!

Dating should always be a fun activity, in fact it is the time to cement some amazing memories for your relationship, and yet we tend to leave it to the man in the relationship to bring fresh new ideas to the table. The one thing I've learned is if you are able to find a passion that you both share, it could be the one thing that solidifies your relationship to make it not only lasting, but also an exciting one.

I know a couple who embarked on rock climbing as a hobby together. First the wife began on her own, then her husband who was curious followed - fast forward three years they are avid rock climbers in Europe.

Side note - they have even adopted a dog too but I am not sure if he rock climbs as well…

Finding something that you are fond of and also involves your mate is extremely satisfying. If it is early in the relationship something sporty but not too aggressive can be a good start; perhaps hiking in the countryside or mountains may be an option?

Ballroom, Latin or Salsa dancing are great fun and a nice way to exercise and have fun. Kazumba has also been increasing in popularity!

Other options can bring your creative abilities to the forefront, for example taking an art class together, wine tasting or joining a film club.

Some say that happiness is spending your life with your best friend, and best friends always have common ground, otherwise you may end up more like accidental room mates, or with comfortable yet very separate lives. Give it a go!