Online Dating - Fun or Fake?

We all want to be viewed in the best light possible, so is it really surprising that people alter their profiles to look their best? Not just the photo but also the description.

Some of it is just plain funny. How many profiles have you seen where the guy in the photo has not so cleverly chopped off his ex's arm – (clearly not a Photoshop job!) Or the photo that has been submitted is from 5 years ago when you were a tad thinner and younger.  Others include images of people with their pets, or photos displaying semi-nude hairy chests whilst hanging with their drinking buddies, that are far from flattering. Some of my personal favourites are the descriptions – “Athletic, tall and looking for love" and "Naughty Englishman seeks NYC Woman".

The examples above are just good fun. The fun becomes concerning when people may think it's fun to create a fake profile solely for the purpose of defrauding you. It's one thing to lie about your age because you don't think you look it, it's another to be confronted about your age and to continue to lie.

Or the men who use fake photos and give you a song and dance about working on an oil rig and not being able to ring you. Or take it a step further by telling you they are in financial difficulty and need your help, then inundate you with lots of sob stories with an aim to solely get money from you. These men tend to know when women are vulnerable and are desperately looking for love. They gain your trust, make you feel loved and then over a short period of time they begin to request help with their finances.

Beware! Chances are if someone you don't know is asking you for money, then they are asking other women for the same thing or have done in the past. The question is why do we allow ourselves to be weaved into a web of lies?

Nothing is more disconcerting, than to know that you have shared so much with someone who doesn't have good intentions for you. Take your time with new relationships. They need to earn your love, trust and time. Try not to wear your heart on your sleeve or you may end up with a continual broken heart.

Have you ever experienced a situation like this that you would like to share?