Where to go to meet the ONE!

The recent trend of online dating is growing strong with a proliferation of sites such with the biggest being ‘Match’, ‘E-Harmony’ and  ‘Plenty of Fish which are free sites. On the other hand you have the swiping more interactive ‘Tinder’ and ‘Happen’ which are easily downloadable. Then you have ‘Seeking Arrangements’ and ‘Sugar Daddy’/’Sugar Mama’ which suggestively imply that you are probably looking for a lot more than a date!

When did this happen? Can we go back to the olden days when boy meets girl, or girl meets girl, or boy meets boy, in a bar?

Unfortunately, those days feel far far away. It does happen still, but people feel increasingly comfortable with the multitude of options available online and the ability to scan through a number of photos until you find your dream face. It can cost a lot less in time and money and it's one stop shopping - a lot like Amazon.

But there are still more traditional ways to meet someone that still exist, especially for those of us just dipping our toes in the water again after a break-up, divorce or just having had a break. There are a few ways to get out there and boost your confidence a bit.

Some organisations that are fun to join and may connect you with someone appealing are city socialising, meet up and Internations. Try some activities where you may find someone of like-mindedness; cycling clubs, rock climbing, singles travel groups and the infamous speed dating (which is not necessarily everyone's cup of tea).

Remember! You're not going to meet anyone in your living room. Look into one of the alternative options above and don't knock it till you've tried it!