Relationship Event Planning 



Imagine how important and how much time you spend planning your annual holidays, an important interview, purchasing your first car and/or house but never planning a relationship?


These are all big and important events in your life so why is your relationship left to chance? 


I will show you how planning your relationship can give you the desired results you are yearning for and how much fun it can be to make it happen in this way.

My significant other and have been planning driving holiday. For us it’s a challenge! Why? Because we only ever argue in the car! For this trip, we discuss and explore what we want to experience and what our expectations are so there are no assumptions. We discuss non-traditional fun things we can do along the way, ask tough questions and work through specific exercises I have designed. Because this is the way we plan everything in OUR relationship. Together. 


We are both excited to see how this turns out! But we are not afraid of the journey or the discovery, as we always say “Nos Queremos” – We love each other.

Let’s see how I can help you event plan an important part of your life –your relationship - with yourself or significant other.