I've met Michelle when I need it the most as felt I had hit rock bottom.

Michelle had an amazing intuitive nature because she didn't know what I was going through but she sensed it straight away. It was such relief to have someone there for me so I could potentially explore my inner self. The sessions were so revealing that I actually got to know myself in a more deeper level and understand things about me I was clueless about. Sometimes we got into autopilot mode without reflecting in what makes us act in certain ways.

Michelle gave me the tools I needed to reflect on my life's journey so I was able to put those into practice on my everyday life. Ever since the session my life has been enhance by all the learning I had with Michelle's coaching, it has make a massive contribution to my life, not just relationship-wise but also on my general outlook in life, I feel empowered now to make the right choices and I'm not longer on fear of my own decisions. I cannot thanks Michelle enough, likewise I cannot get enough of being around her and surrounded by her energy. I truly found my Joy Spot !



Michelle has a wonderful energy

about her and has always had the

unique ability to really hear me. 

She has been a huge help to me

in my journey of personal development and

her insights and wisdom have always been spot on.   

A. Kara, Pharmacist

London, UK

Kudos to Michelle and the team at JoySpot!

I have been in my relationship for a year, and with the year I’ve had several challenges dealing with age differences and cultural differences, even insecurity and trust issues. After several sessions with Michelle, she gave me solid advice and helpful ways to challenge myself in the ways I looked at my relationship. She gave me good advice on compromise and trust that really helped me to see things differently and enjoy my relationship. The exercises she chose for me were

not “crazy” or “outlandish”, but

thoughtful and sensible. I can now

say that I’m definitely enjoying my

relationship more. 

Thank you for saving my relationship! 



New York, NY

The first time we talked I was at crossroads knowing something had to change within me, and the resulting actions. After discussing self and my goals with you ... 
I began to feel more courageous about expressing myself to others. 
I am now on the happy path to living my

self-identity more consistently

and strongly. 

Anita, NHS M.D.

London, UK

At one time,

I was most unhappy in my relationship with my partner and the atmosphere in my working environment. Both were very stressful situations to experience on a day-to-day basis. I felt the need to address one area professionally and so met Michelle for relationship coaching. She helped me understand that I was going through a mid-life transition. Michelle is a very good listener.

Not just in the words that you say, but tapping into the silence of the unspoken word. She is therefore able to assess quickly what I call the 'pain points' and bring this to your awareness in a caring and positive manner. After a few sessions, I was able to re-prioritise what is important to me and move forward on the path of being happy. This involved changing the way

I responded to my partner. As a result, I am more relaxed, cheerful and resilient.

My partner is a happier person. It just goes to show that a few tweaks

in our thinking and behaviour can go a long way in our relationships. 


I would highly recommend Michelle for any matters 

related to relationship coaching. She is the best!"


Gwendoline C

London, UK

I was in a place of embracing myself and change. I had recently found myself in new scenario of having to ask to borrow money.  I had seen a home I fell in love with, only I thought it would be out of reach financially for me. I mentioned the scenario to a relative, thinking they would voluntarily say to me “I will loan you the money.”  I was mistaken as this was not offered.  I felt offended, angered and other disturbing emotions.


After elaborating and expressing this concern and let down with another relative and one of my dearest friends, I was profoundly surprised and appreciative in that both had offered to loan me money to make my dream of purchasing this dream home.

I was still harboring resentment towards the first person. I then spoke with Michelle and discussed the resentment I felt towards this person. Michelle was instrumental in helping me understand that even though I was upset with this person, that I needed to consider it was their discretion to do or not do and that I respect this as I was totally taking it for granted that this person would assist me.  

When I spoke with Michelle I was still in a place of embracing myself

however much more mindful of good change and respectful of others

motives and learning not to “assume.”  

After speaking with Michelle, I was relieved of the negative emotion

I was harboring towards this person and focused instead on the

blessings offered to me by both the others which was not expected.

My emotions changed to gratitude and continued focus on

obtaining this particular dream home ... wish me luck.


DA, Florida, USA

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