Welcome to the Joy Spot! We focus on coaching and training you to find the joy in your life – the happiness that you are searching for you to make yourself whole. Our goal is to enable you to focus on one of your most important life events – YOU!


What are we offering?

An opportunity to explore:

  • The root of your fears; whether it be family, friends, partners or work colleagues

  • The importance of looking at your self will and what your really want to achieve 

  • How we can use creativity to create the life you want to live

  • Looking at how your heart loves and want to love. Also having loving relationships and loving yourself

  • How you communicate in your relationships and how it affects your desires and vulnerability

  • Using your gut feelings, and appreciating the importance of your intuition and all knowing

  • What you already know - remembering your wisdom



Who are we?

We are Passionate at the Joy Spot about relationships. As far as we are concerned it is a fundamental part of who we are. Sometimes, when the important threads become frayed we help you to explore how we can put them back together.


We believe that everything stems from the relationships you have and the relationships you create. Whether they are new or potential relationships, they always begin with you.


Why should you come to us?

Our goal is to inspire individuals to find joy and happiness in their lives. We offer personalised and passionate coaching programs. We focus on the important part of your overall health wellness and mind-set. We seek to inspire you by allowing you a safe place to be expressive and optimistic enabling you to change the space/mind-set you are in currently and moving to a space you would like to be. We will encourage you to explore your challenges using your sensory and intuitive perceptions in a warm and inviting environment. We will provoke an exciting transformation to get to the root of your blocks.


This is for you. . .

If want want to improve your relationship with yourself and anyone else in your circle. 


If you have struggled with relationships, intimate or non-intimate and want to understand relationship issues and want to work on improving and preserving them.


If you want a good outcome that will complete knowing that happiness is closer than before and that you have been able to find the Joy Spot in your life.


We look forward to working with towards your desired outcome!

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